Telescopic stands - Palavela

Palavela in Turin

Telescopic stands TM4 and TM8

2 telescopic stands TM4 each with the following characteristics:
Number of rows: 4
Number of seats: 233
Type of seat: DROP
Lenght: 29.30 m
Depth: 2.90 m (open)

Telescopic stand TM8
Number of rows: 8
Number of seats: 278
Type of seat: DROP
Lenght: 18.15 m
Depth: 5.70 m (open)

A versatile and multi-purpose facility, one of the main plant of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games; with the neighboring “Palazzo del Lavoro“ was the ultimate symbol of the celebrations of Italy '61, after years of oblivion. Since September 2018 hosts the home matches of the Auxilium Basketball Turin.
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