Telescopic stands - Haukar

Telescopic stands - Haukar Sports center (Iceland)

Telescopic stands TM5 and TM7

2 telescopic stands TM5
Number of rows: 5
Number of seats: 270 for both
Lenght: 8.6 m and 23.12 m
Depth: 4.2 m (open)
Depth: 1.34 m (closed)

2 telescopic stands TM7
Number of rows: 7
Number of seats: 364 for both
Lenght: 15.72 m and 15.21 m
Depth: 5.80 m (open)
Depth: 1.34 m (closed)

The Haukar Sports Center hosts the home matches of Haukar and Ásvellir, it has an arena specially built for handball and basketball.
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